Jennifer Hadley

2018 ACIM Conference – San Francisco

“This world awaits the freedom you will give when you have recognized that you are free.”  ~ A Course in Miracles, T-30.II.4:6

Acim Easter Conference
ACIM Conference 2018

2018 ACIM Conference – San Francisco

Click here if you’d like to pay in full | Click here if you’d like to have a payment plan | Read More Conference Title: Love Makes No Exceptions Dates: February 23–25, 2018. Venue: The Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, 1500 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94109, USA. For hotel details and activities on the days surrounding the conference. Theme: “Love is incapable of any exceptions. … Fear does not gladden. Healing does. Fear always makes exceptions. Healing never does.” T-7.V.5-6

We have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF discounted tickets left for this San Francisco ACIM Conference! The current price is $599 and we have tickets for 499. – save $100 and we also have payment plans!

Rudy Colombini Music Guest

Rev. Maria Felipe

Jennifer Hadley

Maureen Muldoon

Earl "Raj" Purdy

Robert White & Mary Lenihan

Rev. Roxie Benson

David Fishman & Lyn Johnson

David Hoffmeister

Jon Mundy PhD.

Robert Rosenthal & Tamara Morgan

Alan Cohen

Bill Free & Lisa Natoli

Rev. Myron Jones & Rev. Larry Glenz

Mari Perron

James Twyman

DavidPaul Doyle & Candace Doyle

Chris Green & Rev. Reja-Joy Green

Yasuko Kasaki

Rev. Tony Ponticello

Craig Villarrubia & Corinne Zupko