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Would you like to make the world a better place? Jennifer Hadley works with Light Workers and entrepreneurs who’ve been on the spiritual path for a while and are looking for clear activation steps to launch them into a whole new level of awakened personal success.

Light Worker:

One who intends to make the world a better place through their contribution to life.

” My passion is to help the people who help the people! “

Jennifer Hadley

As an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Jennifer works with people who intend to make the world a better place through:

  • Their contribution to life (Light Workers)
  • Their business (Light Worker Entrepreneurs)

Many Light Workers have been on the spiritual path for years and years. They’ve read all the books, taken all the classes, and studied with all the teachers and gurus. Yet they’re still not living the life they intend.

Very often Light Workers sense that something important is missing. It’s as if they’ve missed some key piece of information and that’s what’s holding them back. So, they continually seek more and more information—but information not the answer! They are seeking outside themselves, when what they want to find is within them, not in any book.

Jennifer can guide you to the key that unlocks the door that stands between you and your ability to build your success and help more people.

To do this, Jennifer employs her considerable intuitive skills and knowledge of spiritual principle to help you release ineffective beliefs and mental patterns so you can stop playing small. She guides you through the clear activation steps that bring forth those keys you’ve been looking for. Those who’ve had this experience say they’ve been able to step into living the miraculous life they’ve been wanting. Now they can help others find their way to awakened spiritual success, their life purpose is activated!

Jennifer employs her considerable intuitive skills and knowledge of spiritual principle to assist you in releasing beliefs and mental patterns so you can stop playing small. Her students and clients have found that in working with Jennifer they are able to step into living a miraculous life and support others in doing finding their clear pathway to awakened spiritual success.

A Licensed and Gifted Minister, Counselor and Therapist

Jennifer Hadley has helped over 50,000 spiritual students to let go of the painful past and have more love in their lives.   Jennifer shares how to get out of your head and into your loving heart so you can help be of greater service in the world.  As a writer, speaker, teacher, and spiritual counselor, Jennifer offers daily inspiration and prayer, as well as workshops, classes, retreats, and programs for people who are ready to move beyond merely studying spirituality to deeply living it.  Jennifer hadley is the host of the popular A Course in Miracles weekly radio show on the Unity.fm online radio network since 2011 with hundreds of episodes available for download by podcast at itunes or stitcher.  For Jennifer’s Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso blog and many other free offerings as well practical classes and training for spiritual development please visit http://www.JenniferHadley.com/

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